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Happiness of Urban Society

Our newest collection, Happiness of Urban Society, reflects the joy and creativity of Thai citizens who have been fortunate enough to experience more than 65 years of life in urban communities. Working with 20 women ranging from 65 and up to 85 years old from the Chaiyawat Temple community in Bangkok Noi. We brought in professional artists and musicians to lead a 2-day workshop for these individuals to find their creative spirit through the use of collage art.

Why collage?

Because all of us go through different journeys in life, pulling together moments to build our unique perspective and approach to what comes our way. Each person is going to have different experiences and perspectives, this is the same for the art collages, and at JAI – we think that is how true beauty is created.

Our goal of this collection is to highlight the development and potential that these overlooked members of our society have. By taking their authentic designs made with experienced hands and hearts we want to bring them to the world.

We hope that you find as much Happiness in these works of art as we do.


2019 – 2020


Home Sweet Home

Home is more than just a location. Home is about feelings, memories, and family. To have a healthy life we all need to feel loved, respected, and cared for and the community reminded us of that.

Sunshine Garden

Living in a big city, sometimes we forget the beauty of nature. Something as simple as a flower can bring joy to the eyes and to the heart.

Time Matters

You might think money is the most important, the thing that you really need, but you’re wrong. It’s Time! Don’t waste the opportunity to enjoy yourself, you only get one chance between the sun and the moon. Do something that will make you smile.

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